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HUMAN BAND - HUMAN WHITE SOUL boast the perfect musical entertainment for any occasion looking to get their guests up and dancing as well as provide chill out music that sets an idyllic ambience.


Performing a range of genres from jazz to rock, soul, blues, funk and more this outstanding band of musicians and female singers are fantastic for corporate events, private parties, weddings, cocktail hours and everything in between.

With a customisable line up that can go from the full 8-piece band to duos, trios and more our musicians and vocalists are dedicated to providing the ultimate musical entertainment for your special occasion.


With over 15 years of experience together our musicians and vocalists perform in perfect harmony with one another.

Whether you are looking for a party band to get your guests up and dancing or an Italian cover band to provide soothing background music with jazz tones, our event band Italy provide the perfect live music entertainment for all occasions. 

Boasting a dynamic line up that can be booked as a duo with piano and vocals, or guitar and vocals, complete band with vocal quartet or trio this outstanding event band is an instant hit at all events.


Available line ups:

  • Duo: piano/voice and voice, guitar and voice, contrabass and voice, piano and drum

  • Trio: piano voice drum, piano drum sax, piano contrabass drum, guitar drum contrabass

  • Quartet: piano voice sax drum, piano sax drum contrabass/bass, piano voice contrabass/bass drum, piano sax contrabass/bass drum, piano guitar contrabass drum, piano guitar voice drum, piano and female trio ensemble

  • Quintet: piano voice sax drum bass, piano voice guitar drum bass, piano guitar bass drum sax

  • Sextet: piano guitar voice bass sax drum, piano bass drum and female trio ensemble

  • Septet: piano bass drum guitar and vocal trio, piano voice drum bass guitar sax trumpet

  • Octet: piano bass drum guitar and vocal quartet, piano bass drum guitar sax and female trio ensemble

A stellar entertainment option for weddings, private parties, corporate events, gala dinners and garden parties our phenomenal event band Italy are dedicated to making moments special and providing the perfect musical addition to your event.






Our feature is that we can play any kind of music: classic, gospel, pop..

We are able to give you the perfect soundtrack for your wedding!

Only piano  with singing pianist, duo piano & voice or piano & violin or flute or guitar & voice , little vocal ensamble or a real big gospel choir: everything you want!

Some ideas for repertoire:


Amen, Amazing grace, I will follow him, Joyful Joyful, Go tell it on the mountain, Jesus, This little light of mine, Oh happy Day, Lean on me, Revival in the Land, His Eye is on the sparrow, Swing Low, wade in the Water, It feels allright, He let the son set free, Total Praise, Jesus Lover of my soul...

Classic: Canone Pachelbel, Aria sulla Quarta Corda, Alleluja Haendel, Gabriel's Oboe, Canone di Bach, Primavera Vivaldi, Varie di Morricone, Einaudi...

Rite: Marcia Wagner, Marcia Mendelsshon, Ave Maria Schubert or Gounod, alleluja from Musical "Forza Venite Gente", Alleluja Cohen, Italian Santo with gospel arrangement...

Other: U2- I'm still haven't found what I'm looking for, Can you feel the Love tonight, You make me feel my love, When a aman loves a woman, Thousand years, Ain't no sunshine, If I ain't got you, Can't help falling in love, Love of my life, You're all I need to get by...

We are able to arrange for vocal ensamble every song you wish.


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